Unreleased project

An unreleased original IP from EA BioWare.

From 2007 to 2009, I worked as a senior producer and project manager for EA BioWare’s Edmonton studio. Our goal: create a new IP that would revolutionize storytelling in games. We made promising progress with a small team, even producing a five-minute dialog demo that raised the already high bar on BioWare’s standards for digital acting and storytelling.

Alas, this new project was not to be; in 2009, the financial crisis forced Electronic Arts to reduce its ambitions. Our project was one of the two new IPs that got shelved.

I'm a Canadian video game narrative writer, designer, and copywriter with AAA experience as a producer for EA BioWare and Ubisoft.
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  1. Irv

    Sounds awesome, was it agent? And is there any artwork or further info out there? Thanks.

    • Indeed it was! 🙂 As for artwork, our art director produced some great pieces… I hope he can release them some day!

      • Irv

        Amazing, thanks for the reply. Look forward to seeing them.

        • Irv

          Ps. Any chance you could let me know who the art director was? Thanks again!

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